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Digital Signage for Real Estate

This ultimate kit will help you better understand the possibilities for your brokerage with today’s modern digital signage solution and the technology that is behind it.


What is Digital Signage?

A communication and marketing tool that allows you to broadcast multimedia content on a screen, an interactive kiosk or a tablet. Staying up to date with the newest marketing tech can be a struggle for any broker and broker owner. The space changes so quickly, so how can you 

know if the latest cutting-edge solution is right for you? Dynamic digital signage is one such solution.

Multifaceted Marketing Tool to Boost Your Sales


One of the most obvious benefits of digital signage is the real-time updating of listings. Long gone are the days of paper listings and updating every listing by hand. New listings, including photos, videos, specs, price, and the listing agent’s name and contact information are automatically displayed on screens for clients to see. These listings can be broadcast on window displays or on waiting room touchscreens.

Compelling Communication Tool to Easily Reach Brokers

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool that helps you reach your brokers and provide them with useful and essential information, whether they are on or off site. Use digital signage to schedule and notify your team of a meeting, inform them of office announcements, provide information that instills the values of the organization and office culture, and share important industry news.



 ITESLIVE software connects to the RE/MAX Québec website to get all the new data. Photos, prices and other modifications are made in real-time [...]. 

 On our brokers' exclusive screens, we'll post internal messages such as sales statistics and birthday wishes. You will also find new properties on the market, properties that have been sold in the last 7 days and different statistics and averages that can be seen in a quick glance. 

 When we opened our first office in downtown Montreal, I thought it was a revolutionary technological tool that attracts customers' attention and simply encourages them to come inside the office.